Pro Life Pulse


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Hello to all high school students!

Do you want to learn how to be an agent for change in the human right’s issue of the 21st century?!

Attend one of our action-packed Pulse Immersions or invite a Pulse Coordinator to your school to learn how to become a compassionate and persuasive advocate for unborn children and women today!

Upcoming New England Pulse Pro-Life Immersions

Bring PULSE to Your School, Church, or Group!

Sarah Mary Toce, the PULSE New England Coordinator, can come to your school, church, or other venue to present her inspiring Pro-Life 101 presentation.  Pro-Life 101 is an hour-long presentation that will equip students with a compassionate disposition and firm footing in the truth about abortion.  This presentation begins with a call to compassion, discusses fetal development, abortion procedures, statistics and services for post-abortive women.  The presentation approaches abortion as a human rights issue, and includes logical arguments based in facts and science.  This presentation is flexible and adaptable to all audiences. 

Sarah Mary Toce,
PULSE New England Coordinator




Special thanks to Massachusetts Citizens for Life for making this event possible throughout Massachusetts!

Please visit: to stay current on how you can defend life in Massachusetts!